5 Of The Best Aluminium Balance Bikes

If you have decided on a metal balance bike there are a couple of reasons why you might want to choose an aluminium framed  bike. First of all they are usually lighter than steel framed balance bikes. This makes them easier to ride but also easier to carry ! Secondly they are less likely to rust if they get wet or are left out in the rain.

Here are some of our favourite balance bikes which have an aluminium frame.

1. Strider 12 Pro Super Light Aluminium Balance Bike

This bike is from a very well known and popular brand of balance bikes – Strider.  They are not kidding when they label it super light. It only weighs 2.4kg ! This bike is suitable for children aged 2 and up. For older or taller children it comes supplied with a longer seat post which is easy to swap with the shorter post already fitted. The longer seat post means this bike can last until around the age of 5 years old.

Other features include a padded seat, adjustable handle bar height, maintenance free wheels which can’t go flat (made with Striders own EVA polymer mix) and if you buy it in the UK a 2 year warranty.

This is not a cheap bike (see current price) but is excellent quality and is built to last.



2. Yvolution Velo Kids Bike

This is around half the price of the Strider bike above (see current price). Its a nice well make bike suitable for children aged 2 years to around 4 years depending on their height. Age wise it probably won’t last as long as the Strider 12 Pro which is a potential drawback. The second difference is the weight. Although the frame is made of Aluminium, this bike is a lot heavier and weighs in at 3.8kg. Not a problem if you are using the bike close to home but the weight will make this bike harder for young children to ride and much harder for you to carry.

On the plus side this bike has maintenance free rubber wheels. There are actually two wheels at the back which provides extra stability. You can remove one of the back wheels for older or more confident children. The wheels are also large for a smoother rider on bumpier surfaces. Both the seat and handle bars are height adjustable. A nice safety feature is the built in steering limiter which allow children to control the degree of turn.


3. Push and Go Kids Balance Bike

This is the cheapest Aluminium balance bike in our list. It costs less than £25 (see current price) and is great value for money.

This is a very light bike – only 2.5kg so easy for riding and carrying. It has adjustable seat and handle bar height. The handle bar height can be changed between 50 and 65cm and the seat between 35 and 45cm. This make the bike suitable for children aged 2-6 according to the manufacturer although we think a lot of children will grow out of it sooner, especially if they are tall. The wheels are 12″ and made from EVA polymer so maintenance free and puncture proof.

Overall this is a great little bike, well made and is fantastic value for money.


4. Early Rider Trail Runner Aluminium Balance Bike

This is a specialist balance bike, something which is reflected in the price (see current price). It is designed to be ridden off road on trails and over rough ground.

It is quite heavy at 3.75kg and is aimed at riders aged 3 – 4/5 years old. The wheels are 14″ with pneumatic tyres.

The build quality is fantastic as you would expect at this price level. Probably this bike will appear to enthusiasts of mountain biking or trail biking who want to introduce the sport to their young children.


5. Cruzee Ultra Light Balance Bike

This is the lightest balance bike in our review at only 2kg. As a result it is very easy to handle and even your child will have no problems picking it up.

The seat and handlebars have a wide range of adjustment so this bike can grow with your child. The seat goes up by 8 ” and the handle bars by 5 “. Overall the bike is suitable for children aged 18 months to 5 years old.

The frame is made of lightweight aluminium and the tyres are made of a puncture proof composite. This balance bike has a padded seat as well like the Strider 12 Pro.

This bike is available in a staggering range of colours (see complete range here) and costs around £120. Not cheap but you certainly get your moneys worth in terms of quality and style.


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