Best Balance Bikes with Brakes

A lot of balance bikes don’t have a brake and instead rely on the child to use their feet to slow down or stop. On this page we have selected our favourite balance bikes which also have a brake. Using a brake is one more skill that your child will learn before progressing to bikes with pedals.

FirstBIKE Street Balance Bike with Brake

FirstBike street balance bike with brakeThis is a German designed bike which is not cheap but is well built and superb quality. The bike is made of plastic (actually an advanced composite polyamid) and has a very strong and flexible frame which has been designed to absorb shock and so protect the riders spine.

The brakes on this balance bike are hand operated and connect to a child friendly rear drum brake. This brake is designed to be easy to operate and safe for young children.

Other features of this balance bike include a height adjustable seat which is also curved to help keep young children in the correct position. The steering is limited to prevent sudden turns and accidents. This bike is suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old and weights 3.9kg so is easy to move even for young children. The wheel are tyres with air filled inner tubes and are suitable for use on most hard surfaces.

In summary, an expensive bike but well worth the money (current price) especially if you want a balance bike with brakes !

Kettler Speedy Balance Bike

Kettler speedy balance bike with brakeThe Kettler Speedy 12.5 inch is a more traditionally styled balance bike and is made from steel tubing with a scratch resistant coating. The seat height is adjustable and the bike is marketed as being suitable for children aged between 2 and 4 years old. The wheels are solid so can’t be punctured but this obviously means the ride is a little harder and less comfortable than air filled tyres. The bike weights 4.1kg so not the lightest balance bike around but still not too heavy for a child to maneuver.

The brake on this bike is hand operated. You can still use your feet like other balance bikes but if you want a balance bike with a brake this one is reasonable priced and is well made.

The price of this bike is currently £44.99 on Amazon.



WeeRide Kids Deluxe Balance Bike

WeeRide balance bike with brakeThis bike is bigger than the previous 2 balance bikes so is suitable for slightly older children aged 3.5 and older. The seat and handle bar heights are adjustable with a seat height range of 45-52cm. The wheels are also bigger at 14 inches which gives a smoother ride and is more suitable for older children. Overall this bike is more like a proper bike just without the pedals. One drawback to this is that it is quite a heavy bike weighing 6.4kg.

The brake is a hand operated brake situated on the right handle bar. The handle bars themselves are non slip with barriers at the end to stop little hands slipping off.

There is no turning limiter on the front wheel so it is possible for the handlebars to twist all the way round. While probably not suitable for very young child this makes this balance bike even more like a proper bike. You would need to make sure your child is aware of this though so they don’t turn too abruptly !

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