JD Bug Balance Bike Review

JD Bug are well known for their scooters but they also make balance bikes for children.


JD Bug Eva Balance BikeAs you would expect from a company like JD Bug, these bikes look good and are made to be practical and functional as well as cool. At the time of writing they cost just over £60 (up to date price). This isn’t cheap so the question to be asked is ‘Is this a balance bike that it is worth paying a bit extra for?’.

The picture on the left is the JD Bug Eva Training bike, Model TC09E. The frame is light and is made of Aluminium. While this particular model doesn’t have a brake you can buy the TC09A model which does come with a brake operated from the handle bars. The design is sleek and curved and looks really good. When it was first released this JD Bug balance bike looked good enough to win style awards. A few years later it still looks modern and well designed.

Some technical details which you should know: The frame is Aluminium, the seat is plastic and the wheels are plastic tyres. The (TC09A model has air filled tyres). The bike weighs 3.6kg which means it should be easy to use for young children. It is suitable for children aged 3 years old and up with a maximum rider weight of 25 kg.




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