Best Wooden Balance Bike

There are quite a few wooden balance bikes to choose from. We have selected what we think are the best wooden balance bikes available at the moment to make your search easier.

Early Rider Classic 12 Wooden Balance Bike

Early rider classic 12 Wooden Balance Bike

This is a very high quality balance bike and is made from Marine birch plywood which is waterproof. It has a longer wheel base than some bikes with a low centre of gravity. It is approved for children aged 18 months and older and has a minimum seat height of 31.5cm. The tyres are pneumatic but the front wheel is bigger than the back wheel (12-inch fatboy rear wheel and 14-inch front wheel). 

This is not a cheap bike but one of the reasons for the cost is the quality. All the bikes are hand made in the UK. Its unique design with a bigger front wheel make for a very stable and comfortable ride. An added feature is the adjustable steering column.  For younger children or less confident children you can limit the steering range to 40 degrees to prevent jack knifing. When they get more confident and stronger you can allow a full turning circle.

Kidzmotion Jiggy Wooden Balance Bike

Kidzmotion Jiggy Wooden Balance BikeWith its lovely retro design this is a great looking balance bike and is extremely popular. The frame is made from birch plywood, it has proper rubber tyres with inner tubes and a padded seat. The height of the seat can be adjusted with 3 settings at 34, 36 and 38cm high. At the lowest height the bike is suitable for most 2 year olds while at the higher seat level it should be suitable for most 5 year old children.

Safety features include the wooden infill on the wheels which will prevent your child from getting their feet caught in the wheels. This bike also has dampened steering which encourages the rider to return to the straight on position. This helps prevent the child twisting the steering two much in one direction. The handgrips also have safetly ends on them to prevent the childs hands from sliding off.

To summarise this is a well built, good looking bike that is good value for the price. It is easy to put together and rides well.  See below for available prices and colours.

Kiddimoto Kids Kurve Wooden Balance Bike

Kiddimoto Kurve Wooden Balance BikeThis wooden balance bike is also made from birch plywood and comes with rubber tyres with inner tubes. The Kurve wooden balance bike has a great look and one advantage over the Jiggy wooden balance bike is the range of colours and designs available. These are bright and eye catching and there should be something to appeal to all young children.

Safety features include the wooden infill on the wheels as well as the steering lock which prevents the bike from being turned too far and jack knifing.

This bike is slightly bigger than some of the other brands. The seat is adjustable with 3 positions starting at 37cm in height and finishing at 39cm. The lower height setting is aimed at 3 year old children.




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