Kidzmotion Wooden Balance Bike Review

Kidzmotion have a good reputation for selling quality wooden balance bikes which are also good value for money. They have a range of models available with different designs but all have some key features which are listed below.

  • Birch plywood frame with unique design
  • They are right size for most 2-5 year old children
  • Easy to assemble
  • They have a soft padded seat
  • They have an adjustable saddle height. This varies with the design of the bike but means you can adjust the seat to suit your child.
  • The hand grips are made with a soft plastic and have safety ends which are designed to stop your childs hand slipping off the handle bars.
  • The steering is dampened which is a safety feature to encourage the steering to return to the ‘straight-on’ position. This will help prevent the child from jack knifing the bike and falling off.
  • 30cm wheels with inflated tyres. The exact design of the wheels varies with bike design. Some have a wooden infill and some have thick plastic spokes.
  • All the Kidzmotion balance bikes have a carry handle.
  • Weight of all bikes is approx 4kg. This is heavier than non wooden balance bikes but reasonable for a wooden one.

Pros To Buying a Kidzmotion Wooden Balance Bike

  • Very well made and sturdy bikes
  • Bright and Cheerful Designs
  • Good Safety features such as steering dampening and safety ends on handle bars

Cons to Buying Kidzmotion Wooden balance bike

  • Price – usually between £40 and £50
  • Weight – can be on the heavy side

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